Founded 90 years ago and now active in 34 markets around the world, JUST is a company steeped in tradition. JUST products draw on the power of plants to promote health, beauty and well-being. These skincare and haircare products have an exceptionally soothing effect on the body and soul. The benefits of JUST’s herbal and plant-based approach to cosmetics – reflecting the highest level of Swiss quality – are enjoyed around the world. A workforce of 120,000 dedicated advisors provides the company’s customer base with tailored advice in order to meet their individual requirements. Webrepublic supports JUST in increasing brand awareness and generating relevant traffic for the online store.

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Project overview

Initial Position

JUST Switzerland is a direct sales company that distributes its high-quality, natural cosmetics offline via its network of advisors and online in its e-commerce store in Switzerland. Webrepublic identified the need to improve brand awareness in order to boost the overall level of reach along the digital user journey. The aim was to launch a series of Discovery campaigns to complement the existing push-pull strategy.


  • Sector:Cosmetics


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate relevant traffic for online store


JUST Switzerland opted to adopt a push-and-pull strategy as part of Google Ads in combination with Discovery search campaigns. The main idea behind this approach was to push a specific topic on a target group before meeting the subsequent demand using pull tactics. JUST Switzerland employed a visually arresting mobile-first format with which to accompany the user journey more effectively. The Discovery campaigns also generated demand within a specific target group, thereby capitalizing on the benefits provided by the intent-based ads and expanded targeting options.


The Discovery campaigns led to an increase in brand awareness and funneled high-quality, relevant traffic to the platform, which in turn led to better performance. 

  • 132% increase in order volume
  • 29% lower cost per conversion
  • 41% increase in return on ad spend
"Discovery campaigns allow for more coverage across the full user journey and the various associated touchpoints. As the results of this collaboration with JUST show, it pays to launch campaigns like this as far as brand awareness and performance targets are concerned."
Portrait Daniela Ertl

Daniela Ertl

Team Manager SEA, Webrepublic AG