Different countries, different customs. This applies to global search marketing in three ways. First, cultural differences affect a users' search behavior. The semantics that come into play when entering search criteria vary from country to country, and need to be taken into account in a campaign. Second, a different search engine is the top of the pack for each target market. Google dominates in Europe and North America, Yahoo!Japan in Japan, Baidu in China and Naver in South Korea. In the US, both Microsoft Advertising and Yahoo! are gaining ground with 33% market share. Third, consumers in each market have different needs and habits. Deep insight is essential to capture the attention of the target groups.

We speak 12 native languages and work with the relevant search engines in the USA, China, Japan and Korea. With us, you can reach your users worldwide.

Our approach

Our expert team at Webrepublic share twelve different native languages, including German, French, English, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Not only do they speak the language of your target audience, they have extensive first-hand experience of your target market and its customs, and are certified experts for the major international search engines. Depending on your location, our offices in Zurich and Lausanne are ready to work on your campaign, streamlining the decision-making processes and ensuring that language barriers do not get in the way.

Our services

We analyze your target markets for their potential, taking into account the semantic characteristics of the national languages. This analysis forms the basis for a campaign strategy that is tailored to your business objectives, such as launching a product in a new market:

  • We begin with test campaigns to find out whether your product is actually being sought in the target market and determine the sales potential.
  • We then create a cross-platform campaign in one or more languages according to the target market and dominant search engine.

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