Migros is one of the most popular and best-known brands in the country. But when it comes to online grocery shopping, customers are reluctant. How can awareness of Migros' online offering be raised, new customers activated, and conversions increased? With a campaign that builds a bridge between awareness and product purchase. We clearly exceeded the engagement and conversion targets set.

Project overview

Initial Position

Only 12.8% (MACH Strategy Consumer 2022) of Swiss consumers buy their groceries online. This is despite the fact that shopping behavior across all consumer goods has shifted strongly toward the e-commerce sector in recent years, not least due to the pandemic. So the potential is enormous, but how can it be tapped? Migros Online entrusted the Webrepublic team with this question - from the creative concept to the media realization.

  • Sector:Retail
  • Webrepublic customer since:2019


  • Publicizing the Migros online offer
  • Activation of potential new customers
  • Increase conversions as orders
«The challenge of designing a campaign that guides the target group through the funnel to the point of purchase was a big one. Webrepublic found a strategically sound but also humorous way, resulting in a highly coherent campaign that we are very proud of!»

Melanie Reiterhauser

Senior Marketing & Brand Manager, Migros Online


An image campaign designed by our partner agency Wirz in the previous year served as the basis for the project. Based on this, Migros Online and the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC) planned a further awareness push to position Migros Online as the leading provider for online grocery shopping.

To maximize the effect on the always-on campaigns already running in the lower funnel, the corresponding centerpiece was still needed. 

The central question was: How can we build a bridge from pure awareness of Migros' online offering to the actual purchase of the products?


  1. As a basis for the strategy, we identified the biggest pain points when buying food online as part of a competitor and user behavior analysis. 
  2. The simultaneous analysis of the media target group served to develop a coherent cross-channel media plan and provided additional input for the creative conception of the advertising material. 
  3. Building on this, we developed a two-stage mid-funnel strategy that focused on a channel-appropriate approach and on completing the user journey - thus building a bridge from awareness to conversion.


The hypothesis that needed to be verified was that by sending the right message at the right time, we could convince customers who had previously shopped in brick-and-mortar retail stores to make use of Migros' online offering.

Examples of ads to activate users

Reverse POV: This is what the actual online purchase looks like.


Through the targeted communication of activating messages, we drew attention to the simplicity of online shopping. 

We addressed again those who had not yet been convinced of the advantages of online shopping with targeted product range benefits from Migros Online.

The interplay between strategy, concept, and media planning is also clearly reflected in the quantitative objectives.

  • User engagement with the product range five times higher than expected
  • 72% more orders compared to the target
  • Significant uplift (+9%) in purchase intent according to Kantar study (conducted in first flight)
  • Overall positive impact on order volume within the lower-funnel campaigns
 Examples of ads for retargeting users

Examples of ads for retargeting users

«With this campaign, we are accompanying our customers throughout the entire purchasing process for the first time, with correspondingly convincing results. We also took these learnings with us for other Migros campaigns and applied them successfully.»

Kristian Brändle

Senior Project Manager Strategic Campaigning, Migros Supermarkt AG