The Chinese digital market has the highest amount of internet users in the world, making it an attractive market for any brand to enter. We help brands who are seeking to grow within the Chinese market harvest its full potential through a holistic approach and thorough planning, as Chinese audiences are different not only demographically, but also the way they think compared to western customers. Using both paid advertising and organic performance on the most relevant platforms for your brand, not only through search but also social media, we can help you maximize your market voice and achievement in the Chinese digital market. Furthermore, we are able to help target the overseas Chinese travellers within sectors such as luxury and tourism, thus enhancing your business scope and aligning your business goals.

Embrace golden opportunities to accelerate your digital marketing performance in China.


We know how online business is done in China. Our Zurich based native Chinese marketing experts understand the unique mentalities and specific customer behaviors in China. Our solution uses the most relevant and impactful channels and platforms such as Baidu, WeChat or Weibo to target your audience and help you grow your business in China.


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