Social media platforms are essential to your brand’s reputation and have a decisive influence on opinion formation. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat are platforms that promote authentic dialog, connecting you with your followers and customers. The most successful brands also manage to target the right audiences on social media.

By using large volumes of user data, social networks offer a way to define highly specific target groups and reach them with posts and ads – and increasingly outside these social networks as well. Our experts identify the target groups most relevant to you. Then you work with these experts to create the right mix of organic posts and ad formats to carve out your brand presence on the web and social media.



Our approach

A coherent strategy is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. After all, not every social media channel will make sense for your type of business. Only with an understanding of your target group and a knowledge of the channels it uses will you be able to choose the right social media platforms.

Our data-driven approach helps us to understand your target group and to position your ads with pinpoint precision. Using A/B tests and thorough data analysis, we examine your target groups so that we can continue to optimize your ad messages accordingly. In other words, we are able to achieve expansive, relevant reach while keeping budgets manageable.

Thanks to Webrepublic’s interdisciplinary teams, we are able to effectively implement extensive creative concepts across all social media platforms and in various formats – from strategy to implementation and creation, and then to analysis of the results at the end.

Our services

  • We work with you to develop a social media strategy for organic and paid content.
  • We optimize your current advertising campaigns and advise you on how to deploy your ads appropriately on the various platforms.
  • We handle the content management for you and boost the credibility of your brand by furnishing it with high quality content.
  • We engage in “social listening” to help you better understand your customers and followers, so you can draw the right conclusions.
  • We offer workshops tailored to your individual needs, allowing you to pass our in-depth knowledge on to your employees.
  • As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, we enjoy the privilege of a direct line to Facebook’s social media platforms, and you can also benefit from our ties to all other relevant platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.
  • We perform audits and offer recommendations for your current social media campaigns.



Improving login’s vocational training portal

Through target group-oriented formats with exciting creative opportunities and betas, Webrepublic was able to improve the social media presence of login’s vocational training portal with the addition of a “Career Oracle” feature.


Branding for Miele on Instagram

Address young foodies on Instagram and increase engagement with the target group. Miele partnered with Webrepublic to launch an Instagram stories campaign for the “Menu 1-6” culinary event in Zurich. The campaign succeeded in boosting the number of story views by 66%.

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