BRITA is well known for its water filters, but the product range has been greatly expanded in recent years with bubble makers, integrated water taps, and water dispensers for businesses. For BRITA, we developed a media strategy with the aim of increasing the customer base. The result is impressive: the customer base grew by 29% without increasing the media budget.

Project overview

Initial Position

Over 70% of the Swiss population knows BRITA for its water filters. In recent years, BRITA has diversified its product portfolio with bubble makers and integrated water taps in the consumer market and water dispensers for businesses. BRITA is positioning itself as a multifunctional supplier and intends to further grow its customer base with the expanded product portfolio.

The challenge for BRITA is that the company is still associated with water filters and is not perceived as a multifunctional supplier of drinking water. Due to the lack of knowledge, the customer base is limited to a small segment, which has hardly changed in recent years despite constant media spend.

The previous media strategy focused on a wide-reach campaign with TV commercials to ensure market penetration and knowledge transfer. There is potential for optimization here.

  • Sector:Food & Beverage


  • Position BRITA as a multifunctional supplier of drinking water with a large product portfolio.
  • Expand the customer base.
“Webrepublic impressed us with their comprehensive and well-founded analyses of our media strategy. Their performance approach showed us transparently where there was potential for improvement and how they would solve this with cross-media approaches. The campaign was implemented with great commitment, so the sensational results speak for themselves. We are looking forward to the upcoming campaigns and would like to thank the entire project team for their great work!”

Stefanie Katharina Perschke

Director Marketing DACH,BRITA


Webrepublic conducts a comprehensive situation analysis that shows, among other things, that the TV campaign has no influence on the target group's online search behavior.

Three priorities for the new media strategy are derived from this:

  • More efficient TV planning: Webrepublic is shifting the focus of the strategy in the TV area to high-quality environments and SRG channels, as the advertising impact is much stronger here.
  • YouTube is the new TV: The use of Internet content on TV sets has increased by 71 percent in the last two years. We have therefore given digital channels significantly more weight in the media strategy in order to benefit from the higher share of voice and cost efficiency.
  • Young target group: A conversion campaign with ads in the meta-universe appeals to the young target group and is intended to ensure the acquisition of new customers.


  • 30% ad recall in German-speaking Switzerland - an increase of 21% compared to the previous year

  • +29% growth in the customer base without increasing the media budget

The well-placed TV ads, for example in the context of morning shows or regional sports broadcasts such as a Schwingfest, are making an impact: website visits and online sales are increasing. The combination of TV and YouTube is reaching a large part of the population. 

The use of digital channels such as YouTube and Meta is also a cost-effective way of reaching the young target group on which BRITA will increasingly focus in the coming years.

“With its broad product portfolio and brand positioning, BRITA has hit the nerve of the times and developed a very likable moving image campaign. We are therefore very pleased that our analytical approach and our full-funnel performance approach led to BRITA's campaign gaining so much attention and thus succeeding in expanding BRITA's customer base. This year, we have laid a solid foundation on which we will build.”

Kevin Haab

Senior Specialist Media Strategy, Webrepublic AG