The platform has evolved from a digital telephone directory into a booking portal for all kinds of services. To support their new business strategy, Webrepublic assigned all available business categories on the website to a supercategory and implemented a clear SEA campaign setup. These measures significantly increased bookings.

Project overview

Initial Position

The platform has changed its business strategy from a digital telephone directory to a booking portal. Previously, users could search for addresses and contact information on It is now possible to book restaurants, hairdressers, or massages directly via the platform.  

The new strategy also changes the business objectives from searching to booking. Users should no longer just use as a search engine, but should make their appointment bookings directly via the platform. To achieve this goal, the SEA campaign setup needed to be fundamentally revised.

  • Founded:2006
  • Webrepublic customer since:2014


  • Increase in conversions (bookings) by 33% compared to the previous year
"The cooperation with Webrepublic was extremely enriching for us. We were impressed by their understanding of media strategies and their precise analyses. Their approach to performance optimization has clearly and comprehensibly demonstrated where potential lies and how they will address this through innovative technical solutions. Most notably, Webrepublic successfully aligned the campaigns across different categories, which was a significant challenge."
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Dario Klaric

Online- and Performance-Manager, localsearch (Swisscom Directories AG) landing page on desktop & mobile landing page on desktop & mobile


Webrepublic developed an SEA campaign setup that fits the new business goals of 

The first step was to restructure the service categories. Previously, these were divided into over 3,000 categories, for example “Italian restaurants,” “Japanese restaurants,” “Swiss restaurants.” These are now grouped into just 17 main categories, for example “restaurants,” and the associated content is organized accordingly. 

A separate Google Search campaign was set up for each of the 17 categories. Ad texts, keywords, and placeholders for the extensive range and locations are fed in via the ad feeder. provides the feed that maps the daily updated website content. Search ads for Google are automatically generated and displayed from this feed.

The ads are always up to date and cover the entire range of services and restaurants represented on the website, while achieving maximum conversions through targeted playout.


  • Conversion targets for 2023 exceeded by 14% overall
"Thanks to the ad feeder, we were able to optimize our campaigns with daily updated content. The collaboration with was very positive, and the highly automated and innovative solution enabled us to significantly exceed our targets for 2023."
Portrait Rebecca Herzog

Rebecca Herzog

Senior Consultant SEA, Webrepublic AG