For the relaunch of the Sunrise brand, Webrepublic fundamentally revised the overall performance strategy and significantly reduced the cost per digital lead. How did we achieve this? Through close collaboration with the client, agile budget optimization and activation in crucial sales phases with customized advertising materials.

Project overview

Initial Position

Sunrise is one of the most important telecommunications providers in Switzerland and is under strong competitive pressure in the industry. In May 2022, the brand got a major relaunch.

With the repositioning, Sunrise also set itself ambitious sales targets. Existing customers had to be retained and new online customers acquired. To achieve this, the Swiss public had to be convinced of the new Sunrise promise for the mobile, Internet and television product groups.

  • Sector:Telekommunikation


  • Sales increase through conversion maximization on all digital channels 
  • Positioning of the new brand through the use of storytelling and imagery with high recognition value


Anyone who has ever taken out a new cell phone contract or Internet subscription knows that the process can take a long time. Before making a final decision, users check out different offers and gather information. To be successful in this competitive environment, Sunrise needed to be visible with its message on all available channels.

To address prospects at different stages of the buying process, we developed a multi-level digital performance strategy with a cross-platform KPI measurement process. 

Multichannel campaign with many elements

Together with Sunrise, we developed an advertising calendar that takes into account the broad spectrum of campaigns: different products, seasonal offers, paid media, and appropriate digital channels.

The selection of channels was based on measurements, user journeys, our bespoke advertising calendar, and previous comparative data. The result was a digital smorgasbord from social media to paid search to performance-oriented media formats with programmatic ads and videos. 

To optimize conversion, we combined continuous measurements with dynamic campaigns. Experts from media planning and production worked closely together to develop creative and coordinate advertising content that was effective both online and offline.

Teamwork and transparency make the dream work

We communicated continuously and transparently with the partners at Sunrise on the value creation of the campaigns. Since the campaign performance data was linked to actual product sales, we were able to track exactly what effect the individual channels had. This allowed us to optimize campaigns in real time and allocate budgets efficiently.


  • Around 30 campaigns with over 1,000 ads on 13 digital channels
  • The number of digital conversions and actual online sales increased steadily from quarter to quarter in 2022. 
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 28 percent from Q2 to Q3 and by another 13 percent from Q3 to Q4 - in a highly competitive market environment.
With the development of the new performance strategy, we combined several initiatives under one roof. Our key to success for this complex undertaking: a dedicated and interdisciplinary team and close collaboration with the client and partner agencies. The results show that with teamwork and the right strategy, you can achieve a great deal even in a competitive environment.
Portrait Anastasiia Emelianova

Anastasiia Emelianova-Schmitt

Director Client Management, Webrepublic AG