Apps have enormous potential: there are millions of them on the highly popular Apple and Google stores. Most smartphone users have pages and pages of apps installed on their devices. No wonder app sales and in-app transactions are generating hundreds of billions in revenue worldwide.

At the same time, these factors make app stores a competitive environment for companies. Professional app marketing is therefore a key consideration for successfully competing in stores. Effective campaigns are based on a comprehensive combination of promotion, re-engagement and app store optimization.


Our approach

Based on your business goals, we’ll advise you on planning your ad campaigns, as well as at the creation, implementation, optimization, analysis and reporting stages.

We always ensure we use the right ad formats and advertising channels – such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram – depending on your target audience and type of app. We’ll optimize your app campaigns in real time, keeping specific targets for installations, registrations, app re-engagement or in-app transactions in mind. We’ll also help you implement tracking solutions so that you can check whether the targets we’ve set are being achieved. Thanks to customized reports, you can always keep track of how your campaigns and apps are performing.

Our services

To help you and your app reach your target audience effectively and develop your customer base sustainably, we offer these services in the form of a comprehensive app marketing package that includes the following components:

  • Strategy and consulting Want to launch and publicize a new app or promote an existing one in a targeted campaign? We’ll advise you on developing an app marketing strategy, so that we can work with you to define and implement the best possible advertising campaign and approach.
  • Creation – Want to present your app in the best possible light? We’ll create state-of-the-art ads for you to give your app an appealing appearance.
  • App tracking – Want to keep track of how your app promotions are performing and understand how people are using your app? We’ll help you expertly implement tracking tools such as Firebase and AppsFlyer.
  • App promotion – Want to ensure your app is only being promoted on the most relevant channels? We’ll help you choose the best channels for your ads (Apple Search Ads, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and we’ll optimize your campaigns in real time and based on their performance. Depending on your goals, we’ll maximize your app downloads or boost its visibility within the relevant target audience.
  • App re-engagement – Your target audience should ideally be using your app regularly. With app re-engagement campaigns, we notify users about new features or prompt them to use the app after installing it. After all, only a quarter of installed apps are actually used on a regular basis.
  • App store optimization – We’ll increase the visibility of your app in app stores (Google, Apple) among relevant target groups. As app installations are often based on searches in the app store, this directly increases the chances of its being installed.
  • App indexing – You can reach your target audience with content from your app via the mobile search results pages on Google. Thanks to app indexing, we can ensure content from your app appears in the organic mobile search results on Google. This boosts traffic and helps to generate new app users.

We’ll advise you on all aspects of app marketing and will be happy to support you along the way.