We offer a full service across all channels. We create a bridge between classic push campaigns and the digital world – from the first encounter with a TV spot through to the customer’s digital journey on search engines, social media and your website. We match all touchpoints to your target group perfectly.


We plan your media strategy for all channels – online and offline.


As the leading digital agency in Switzerland, we are experts in the largest and fastest growing digital media. We offer our expertise and insights in the field of digital communication for comprehensive crossmedia marketing – data, target groups, user behavior. Our passion for outstanding, transparent communication and collaboration allows us to deliver on our main promise: to help you reach your business goals.



  • Integrated concepts – Great campaigns come about through a nexus of strategy, technology, media, and creative action. In order to develop concepts fully aligned with one another and incorporating every interdependency, we take a co-creation approach. Specialists from all areas work together during multiple iterations to establish a shared understanding of goals, approaches and opportunities. This, in turn, leads to innovative strategies that reduce the complexity of operations.
  • Digital data for improved media planning – We measure the impact of traditional media on digital KPIs by considering: how does the search volume of brands and products change during a poster campaign? How do newly acquired users behave on the website as a result of a TV campaign? 360° media dashboards provide real-time insights into overall performance. We use data from the digital world to make media planning smarter by considering: what are users interested in most? Which products are in highest demand and purchased online?
  • Programmatic booking – Real-time bidding is on the rise. What has long been commonplace in the online world is also gaining traction in the material world: Exterior digital ad spaces can be controlled in real time, and programmatic advertising is catching on for TV and radio. This allows us to reach the right customers at the right time and across all media, to respond flexibly to market trends and to move away from rigid media planning.
  • Creation: digital and classic – Advertising is a key success factor in any campaign. With an innovative, agile in-house team of creators and our creative partner Wirz, our job is to create innovative concepts and modern advertising suitable for all kinds of communication goals and media. We use digital performance data to improve the campaign strategy by considering: Which moving image advertising on YouTube generates the greatest consideration uplift? Which messaging translates best into social media content? We use this information to optimize the content for posters, digital screens and TV.