Swiss Digital Summit 2022

Foto Tobias Zehnder (Mitgründer / Partner @ Webrepublic AG)

Tobias Zehnder

Mitgründer / Partner

16. November 2022
Digital marketing
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This year's Swiss Digital Summit by Meta, covering all aspects of digital marketing in Switzerland, takes place virtually and on site in Zurich. Webrepublic will be represented at two webinars.

Tobias Zehnder is part of a webinar on recession, which uses cases from Switzerland to illustrate how this current recessionary economic can be navigated, growth driven in the short term and brands built in the long term.

As part of a webinar on commerce briefing for 2023, Nadine Stäheli will present Meta's newest automation tool Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns (ASC), which can be used to increase sales and drive growth.