Focus on effectiveness: How Google Performance Max campaigns are revolutionizing online marketing

Karin Meier

SEA Tech Lead

Constant technological development is continuously opening up new opportunities for companies to reach their target groups effectively and maximize their return on investment (ROI). In this context, Performance Max campaigns are becoming increasingly important. This smart campaign format from Google promises nomen est omen – maximum performance. In this blog post, we explain the format and share examples of where we have already used PMax successfully.

What are Performance Max campaigns?

The AI-driven Performance Max campaigns place ads automatically and in the best possible way on various Google platforms. The goal-based campaign type is a further development of the Google Ads ecosystem and a good addition to keyword-based search campaigns. The campaigns access the entire Google Ads inventory and can be optimized with little manual effort, which means an enormous efficiency gain given the constantly growing number of channels.

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image google inventory

Performance Max campaigns help you increase conversion rates across the full range of Google advertising channels and Google inventory. Source: Google

The Advantages

1. Maximum reach and visibility:

Performance Max campaigns use the entire range of Google platforms. Potential customers can be addressed on Google Search, Display, and YouTube and in the Discover feed with just a single campaign. This leads to maximum reach and visibility of the advertising messages.

2. Automated optimization:

By using artificial intelligence, user behavior is continuously analyzed, and ad placement on all Google platforms is automatically optimized to achieve the best possible results. This saves time and resources that would otherwise be needed to plan, set up, and optimize various campaigns for all desired channels.

3. Better conversions:

The intelligent targeting of ads to relevant groups leads to a higher conversion rate. Thanks to the broad positioning in the Google network, the campaigns reach the right users wherever they happen to be.

Use cases for successful Performance Max campaigns

logo login

Lead campaign for login

We support login in advertising vacant apprenticeship positions. Performance Max campaigns between August and December (2022, 2023) are aimed at students, parents, and teachers.


  • Generate applications for apprenticeships

Performance Max campaigns in German, French, and Italian cover all language regions in Switzerland. Different target groups (students, parents, and teachers) and professional sectors are addressed with suitable assets.


  • At CHF 50.70, the costs per generated application were almost half as high as for search campaigns (CHF 98.25).
  • Thanks to an additional increase in the budget, the number of applications increased by 65% compared to the previous year.


logo do it + garden migros

Sales increase for the Migros Do it & Garden online store

After the Smart Shopping campaign format was discontinued, Migros Do it & Garden opted for a Performance Max campaign in German, French, and Italian to attract more visitors to the online store, which was successful.


  • Sales increase in the online store

The campaign is continuously optimized on the basis of performance to achieve the targeted sales and cost-turnover ratio. The assets used are exchanged according to the season.


  • With 20% less budget, sales increased by 7.5%.
  • The price per click was reduced by 16.5%.
  • The cost-turnover ratio was reduced by 25%.



logo bindella

Conversion increase for Bindella

Restaurant Zafferano is part of the Bindella gastronomy network and serves classic Italian cuisine in the historic Zunft zur Saffran building in the heart of Zurich. The aim is to attract new guests to the restaurant by improving its visibility online.


  • Greater visibility in the online sector
  • More restaurant visits

With a Performance Max campaign and placements in Google Maps ads, we generate attention for Bindella on Google platforms that are often neglected by the competition for customer acquisition.


  • With a small budget, an increase in store visits was achieved over a period of 1.5 months.
  • 577 directions were recorded on Google Maps.
  • Bindella is satisfied: The number of customer visits noticeably increasedafter the campaign period.