Webrepublic partnered with Vertbaudet to develop a strategic, coordinated approach that satisfied the differing needs of the markets and product segments served by this French retailer. The aim was to create a set-up that enabled Vertbaudet to generate significant growth, acquire new customers and, ultimately, boost turnover. Over the course of this process, potential was unleashed through the smart usage of product feeds and intelligent campaign management. Webrepublic received the Google Premier Partner Award EMEA in the Online Sales category in recognition of its work on the project.

Project overview

Initial Position

Vertbaudet is Europe’s leading pure player for children’s goods, with eight international websites, more than 100 million visitors and upwards of 20 million products sold each year. Focusing on a predominantly female target audience, Vertbaudet sells an exclusive range of children’s clothing, maternity wear, decorative homewares, baby-related goods, toys and furniture. While Vertbaudet is well-known in Western Switzerland, the company was looking to expand its presence in German-speaking Switzerland to generate additional revenue. The diversity of the market maturity level and the differences within the product segments gave rise to various challenges and goals that needed to be addressed.


  • Sector:Retail


  • Growth in German-speaking Switzerland
  • Maximizing revenue (while maintaining dynamic efficiency targets for each category)
"Our agency's dedication and strategic approach towards the Swiss-German market have resulted in a remarkable increase in sales and new clients. Our team's unwavering commitment to delivering quality solutions and building strong relationships with our clients has truly paid off. We take pride in our work and look forward to continuing our success with Webrepublic"

Jérémie Stettler Traffic Manager

Traffic Manager, Vertbaudet Switzerland


We restructured the Google Ads accounts to lay the groundwork in the first half of the year before building on this to optimize and scale the set-up in the second half. Alongside this, we launched new formats, such as smart shopping, discovery campaigns and display campaigns, with the additional aims of customer acquisition and boosting Vertbaudet’s profile – all while maintaining a set level of efficiency.

To achieve these goals, we opted for a strong, strategic and coordinated approach to satisfy the differing needs of the markets (German-speaking Switzerland compared to Western Switzerland) and product segments at hand. Feed management took centre stage in the implementation process: product feeds serve as a hygiene tool and a strategic instrument alike, facilitating flexible campaign set-ups and optimization in terms of key business targets.

At the same time, our software engineering team tapped into new technological innovations for Vertbaudet’s benefit time and again – whether in terms of marketing automation, platform integration or evaluations of the digital marketing maturity level.


  • +64% conversion volume compared to the previous year
  • +155% revenue on shopping campaigns
  • +198% revenue on shopping campaigns in German-speaking Switzerland
“As the digital agency collaborating with Vertbaudet, we’re very proud to have delivered exceptional results. Our commitment to strategic planning, innovative campaigns and targeted optimization steered Vertbaudet towards remarkable growth and enhanced its visibility within German-speaking Switzerland. We’re delighted to have made a key contribution to Vertbaudet’s success and that this was recognized with our win in the Online Sales category at the Google Premier Partner Awards EMEA.”
Portrait Tim Steiert

Tim Steiert

Consultant E-Commerce, Webrepublic AG