Webrepublic redesigned and optimized Google Ads (Search and Display) for Credit Suisse. The use of dynamic, machine learning–based smart display campaigns, among other things, has led to a substantial increase in performance within a very short period of time. The result is a clear increase in efficiency: 80 percent more leads while reducing costs by 30 percent.

As part of this project, Credit Suisse and Webrepublic defined remarketing lists and developed a tracking strategy that enabled the use of innovative advertising products. In the second year of this successful collaboration, the positive development of key metrics continues.

Project overview

Initial Position

Credit Suisse is consolidating its digital marketing and realigning its programmatic advertising activities. With Webrepublic, Credit Suisse brings in the leading Swiss agency for digital and search marketing as a sparring partner who proactively seeks new paths and develops innovative solutions. By revising the strategy and using innovative technology, we aimed for significantly increasing the effectiveness of Google ads for Credit Suisse.

  • Sector:Banking / Finance
  • Webrepublic customer since:2017


  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy for all Google Ads measures
  • Improvement at relevant KPI results, especially leads, micro-conversions, and reach
  • Minimization of effort, targeted use of resources


Together, we write your success story.

«With Webrepublic we have found a very competent and passionate team. Their expertise made it possible for us to meet our demands for innovation and development and continued growth.»

Marco Dalla Valle

Head of Digital Campaigns, Credit Suisse


Together with Webrepublic, Credit Suisse revised its search advertising strategy from the ground up. The remarketing and tracking strategies developed are geared to the specific circumstances and challenges of the financial services industry and form the basis for the cross-channel integration of marketing and advertising measures.

In addition to a new account setup, a micro-conversion setup was implemented. To optimally complement the activities in the search network after the first visible successes, Credit Suisse, with Webrepublic’s assistance, became the first financial institution in Switzerland to implement and test Google's new machine learning–based smart display campaigns. This has made it possible to significantly optimize and streamline the creative setup and control process.


More Leads

The number of leads was increased by 80 percent within one year from the start of the partnership. A further increase of over 40 percent was achieved in the following six months.

More efficiency

Based on the restructuring of accounts, the cost per click fell by around one-fifth, while the click-through rate rose by 30 percent. Costs per lead fell by almost one-third, and this amount was further reduced in the following six months.

More visibility

The campaign reach was significantly increased in the first year of partnership with an increase in impressions of more than 20 percent and clicks of almost 60 percent. In the following six months, the impressions increased by almost 50 percent and the clicks by almost 70 percent.


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