Crazy Factory has over 40 accounts which Webrepublic handles globally by implementing a comprehensive and uniform portfolio strategy to best optimize their campaigns. The manual work involved in adjusting bids is reduced by 50% which allows for a more efficient use of resources that led to 100% higher sales in individual and important markets.

Project overview

Initial Position

Crazy Factory is the global leader in online piercing shop and serves a young, international and price-conscious clientele. Crazy Factory positions itself as having high quality products at an affordable price. An efficient campaign structure for individual countries is crucial to create successful marketing campaigns. A fixed budget allocation across several markets makes efficient use of available resources but means a high manual effort for account optimization. As a result, potential in individual markets may go undetected which can lead to a suboptimal use of media donation.

  • Sector:Jewelry and Piercing
  • Founded:2005


  • Optimize campaign handling across all accounts and countries
  • Increase performance through more efficient resource allocation


Together, we write your success story.


With over 40 accounts, Crazy Factory's budget is defined as a holistic portfolio. This portfolio strategy takes over the management of the bids and pursues an overall ROAS goal within a defined budget. Thanks to the automated bidding and optimization processes available with Search Ads 360 (formerly DoubleClick Search), resources can be used more efficiently and can thus be invested in more long-term and strategic development of a search engine account.


  • An optimized workflow with increased efficiency in budget and campaign management.
  • Manual bid and budget adjustments were reduced by 50% and resources were used to strategically optimize campaigns.
  • Recognizing the potential of individual markets and redistributing the account-specific media donations accordingly led to an increase in sales of up to 100%  in individual countries.