Search engine advertising on Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu is a proven and effective marketing instrument. The high pace of innovation of the platforms and the increasing complexity represent both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. Thanks to increasingly intelligent targeting, target groups can be defined more precisely, and efficiency gains can be achieved by automating the repetitive tasks of the account management API. Being successful in this complex market requires a clear understanding of which developments can be converted into added value for your company.

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To successfully design and manage your campaign, two aspects are important to us. First, we have to understand the special features of your market along with the language and search behavior of your target group. Second, we follow the technological advancements of all internationally important search engines from both a strategic and technical standpoint. We know exactly which marketing tools from Google, Yandex, Bing or Baidu are of economic interest to you. We can therefore take a proactive approach to pointing out which innovations fit with your strategy and increase the efficiency or effectiveness of your campaign.

Our services

  • International campaigns – For international campaigns, you can't rely solely on Google: Yandex has a 62% market share in Russia, Baidu 70% in China, Yahoo 53% in Japan and Bing 33% in the US. Our experts have quality certificates from the leading international search engines. In addition to technical expertise, we also have the requisite language skills: a total of twelve languages are spoken at Webrepublic, including French, English, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Our experts are well-versed in the subtle national differences in search behavior, making them the ideal partners for your international search engine advertising.
  • Creation – In the first step, we familiarize ourselves with your marketing strategy. We then research the search queries and keywords that indicate a concrete interest in your products and services. This enables us to write display texts that efficiently speak to your target group and set up targeting that ensures ads are being shown at the right time to the right user.
  • Optimization – We analyze the performance of your campaign, focusing on ads that achieve the specified objectives and those that don't. This creates a foundation for the continuous optimization of your campaign, which also means more efficient use of your advertising funds.
  • Tracking – We implement custom tracking solutions to hone our ability to systematically evaluate your campaign. Through these solutions we gain – sometimes surprising – insights into the search and buying behavior of your customers, allowing us to optimize campaigns in an even more targeted way and focus our efforts where the effect is greatest, namely in results.
  • Reporting – You work with us to make the most efficient use of the internet as a communication, lead generation and sales channel. After all, you don't want to spend an unnecessary amount of time reading reports. Our single-page monthly reports cogently and transparently summarizes how your campaigns are doing and where there is room for improvement. Read more about custom reporting solutions developed by our software engineers.
  • Intelligence – Based on a campaign's performance data, we can ascertain which of the campaign's messages work especially well with your target group. That, in turn, enables us to provide valuable input on your overall marketing campaign.
  • Automation – Certain activities are repetitive and do not require the creativity and intuition of a Google Ads specialist. With the help of our in-house software engineers, such activities are handled by customized algorithms instead. That gives our specialists more time for the creative and strategic optimization of your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Synergies with SEO – We manage the two search marketing disciplines SEA and SEO in order to leverage synergies from the strategy level right down to the keyword level. Innovative metrics and interdisciplinary teams create sustainable value and successful projects.
  • In-house support – Are you managing your Google Ads campaigns partly or entirely in-house? We’re there to help you fill any gaps in your knowledge, answer any strategic conundrums and make up for any vacancies in your operations. With our agency’s strong learning culture, we can offer your employees in-depth training workshops, Q&A sessions and documented best practices. As the Swiss leader in search engine advertising, we offer holistic supervision in strategic development and execution and in the implementation of digital marketing processes. Case-by-case, we can also replace on or off-site roles in your company, overcome resource bottlenecks and prepare your employees for new positions.

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