Online shopping will also be a big topic in 2021 with events like Black / Green Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Are you ready? Our experts reveal how you can prepare for the upcoming shopping events.

Our offers

  • Account audits
  • YouTube and Creative Packages for shopping events and the holiday season 

For the upcoming shopping events, our experts advise: 

  • Use visual campaigns: Discovery campaigns or video campaigns help to inspire and inform customers
  • Cover relevant keywords: Posting keywords such as "Black Friday deal", "Cyber Monday deals", etc., helps generate more reach
  • Create target group lists in time: Thanks to target group lists, you can successfully address users in peak days
  • Keep product availability and prices up to date: This ensures that customers go through a smooth buying process
  • Use strategies to create urge to buy: Show how many items are still available, how many people are viewing the items, and what the stock levels are 
  • Allocate the budget: Be ready for the peak seasons and allocate sufficient budget to face the high demand and increase in competition

    Unsure if your accounts are optimally positioned for upcoming events? We help you to exploit the full potential