Zurich, January 19, 2017 – The app market continues to grow, accompanied by increasing global sales and fierce competition for users' attention. In this environment, professional app marketing is becoming a critical success factor. It aims to not only market an app; but also to re-engage users. But what should marketers be aware of in order to exploit the full potential of app marketing? Our infographic explains the five pillars of successful app marketing.

App marketing has huge potential, particularly for companies in the e-commerce industry. Apps influence consumer decisions, supplement online and offline brand experiences and promote long-term relationships with customers. In 2015, global app sales amounted to USD 70 billion, a number that is expected to rise to USD 189 billion by 2020. So it comes as no surprise that the likelihood that an app user will add an item to their shopping cart is around 90% higher than among mobile customers using browsers. Ideally, marketers should be able to use app marketing to address target groups in a targeted way and to re-engage them, thus helping to achieve corporate goals. Five pillars should be kept in mind when developing app marketing:

  • App store optimization
  • App indexing
  • App promotion
  • App tracking
  • App re-engagement

Our infographic demonstrates in detail what these pillars are about and exactly what makes app marketing so valuable. You’ll find an image of the app marketing infographic (png) to download and embed here, and a multiple-page PDF to print out here.