Kamil Biedermann

Content Creation Specialist SEO

Kamil Biedermann | Content Creation Specialist SEO @ Webrepublic

Due to a lack of certified driving skills, Kamil moves as often as possible on two wheels - either on a Stadtgöppel in Zurich's Blechlawine or a carbon racer in the Swiss Alps. When he’s not on wheels, you can find him worrying about his herb garden on his rooftop terrace, mixing it up in Zurich's nightlife scene or watching FC Vaduz's second-rated games.

Kamil studied journalism, politics and human geography in Zurich. He used to write for local newspapers about senior events in villages and an algae diet. Today, Kamil is a freelance journalist and works as a Content Creation Specialist at Webrepublic where he always ensures that all of our letters are in the right order.