5+1 Tips To Take Paid Search to the Next Level

Webrepublic AG

Matt Lawson, VP Marketing of Marin Software went through some of the most important strategies to improve your AdWords campaigns in this SESNY Session. They are real quick-wins and have also proven to be very successful in our daily work - we recommend you check them out!

Taking Paid Search to the Next Level

  • Give good and ROI-positive campaigns more room (and budget...) to grow
  • Use accelerated delivery to maximize impressions per day
  • Set your bids based on the day per week so they reflect your audience's behavior
  • Maintain tight adgroups to really match search queries
  • Do your PPC housekeeping and regularly check all your campaigns against key success factors (enaging ads, negative keywords, bids etc.)

If you want to go pro-style and gain more control about how Google delivers your ads, try what Lawson calls «Match Type Parity» - in other words: Shape traffic with Match Types. This is something other speakers also talked about and can be really useful for your key queries.

Put short, you create separate campaigns for the broad match, phrase match and exact match of your most important keyword and include the same keywords as negatives (negative phrase for the broad match campaign and exact negative for the phrase match) in those so you have maximum control about the ad delivery and your bid.

And then: Refine, review, repeat to continue to get the most out of your AdWords campaigns!

There's also a whitepaper by Marine, available on their website - or you just ask us to review and improve your adwords accounts :)