X.Days 2018

Foto Tobias Zehnder (Mitgründer / Partner @ Webrepublic AG)

Tobias Zehnder

Mitgründer / Partner

21. March 2018
From Insights to Impact — Wie man mit Daten erfolgreicher wirbt und kommuniziert
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Data-driven marketing is the new standard – a solid web analysis is carried out on every website and senior management has its own performance dashboard. Experience shows, however, that the collection of this data is not always connected to strategic targets, and concrete, productive measures are only rarely derived from the data. This raises the following questions: Do all stakeholders in the company understand the meaning of the defined key performance indicators? And are KPIs, which are relevant to business and communications, actually fished out of the oceans of data and subsequently used as the basis for making decisions? Tobias Zehnder will show us how to identify relevant KPIs in digital marketing and how to use these to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of ongoing campaigns. He will also demonstrate why three well-chosen KPIs are more productive than an all-encompassing dashboard.