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01. February 2018
Programmatic campaign optimization from a data scientist’s perspective
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The European digital marketing industry is inevitably shifting towards programmatic advertising, which poses difficult challenges for all involved parties – publishers, marketeers and analysts alike. As the technical infrastructure is getting more complex, it is increasingly difficult to properly collect, integrate and analyse the appropriate customer behavioral data sets, while those players who succeed first get a strong competitive advantage on the market. Luckily, it is not required anymore to employ a swarm of data engineers and data scientists to get started, as many of the critical business questions can be answered with relatively little effort using off-the-shelf tools.

In this session Gergely Kalmár will review the data landscape related to programmatic advertising, while also learning about the related analysis techniques that any company should be able to deploy from small businesses to international corporations. We will specifically focus on mastering audience clustering as well as on models that can be used for multi-channel marketing mix optimization initiatives.