Distinguished Speaker Series (virtual event)

Foto Clemente Cortile (Data Scientist @ Webrepublic AG)

Clemente Cortile

Data Scientist

22. October 2020
Distinguished Speaker Series
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*This event will be held virtually*


After a brief description of Digital Analytics for Web and E-commerce and the “Predictive Era”, the guest speaker will talk about his work at Webrepublic. That means he will discuss the tools which are used and why it is important to boost sales and revenue.
Clemente Cortile will then explain how he conducts his work. He will do this by means of an e-commerce use case on developing a tool to measure the Causal Impact of a marketing campaign.
He will also discuss the main challenges of designing services for the clients in the digital advertising market as well as the importance of a specialized role in inventing and designing digital analytics services.