Digital Festival 2021

Foto Adrian Wenzl (Director Performance Marketing @ Webrepublic AG)

Adrian Wenzl

Director Performance Marketing

23. September 2021 -
24. September 2021
Digital Marketing
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Performance Marketing's Trinity: Creative, Data-Driven, Customer-Centric

  • Importance & challenges of personalization in performance marketing
  • Most important factors for successful personalization
  • How to use and implement meaningful personalization for your company

The question of how companies will conduct performance marketing in the future is a perennial one. One thing is certain, data-driven marketing is not dead - rather, we should take the changes in tracking as an opportunity to ask again which factors are crucial for successful performance marketing. One answer lies in data-driven personalization: putting customers at the center offers exciting solutions. But what are the challenges of personalization? What are its most important success factors? And which implementations are target-oriented? We offer best practices and discuss together based on practical examples.