Webrepublic signs extended code of conduct

Transparency, quality and security have been our core values at Webrepublic since we were founded in 2009. We are therefore delighted to partner with IAB Switzerland and Austria and the BVDW to become one of the first agencies in Switzerland to sign the revised Code of Conduct (CoC), which now includes advertisers, agencies, DMPs (data management platforms) and providers of verification solutions in addition to DSPs (demand side platforms), SSPs (sell side platforms), publishers/marketers and data providers.

In the newly revised version, the CoC now covers verification and cost transparency in addition to more precise requirements regarding the advertising environment, campaign control, advertising media, end device and data usage. Knowing this, we believe that one point deserves to be added to the CoC - Point 8: "Addendum fees and cost transparency." This obliges all signatories to be fully transparent with their cost and fees. For agencies especially, this means that they must provide their clients with a transparent breakdown of the costs incurred (i.e. media budget, consulting and management costs) - unless this conflicts with legal or contractual requirements and agreements. This also means that, as an agency, we negotiate with third parties (i.e. Google) to ensure that any contractual requirements, in particular confidentiality clauses (i.e. regarding kick-backs), do not impede the enforcement of this transparency obligation vis-à-vis to our clients.

The additional and more precise requirements of the newly updated CoC will help to anchor quality, transparency and security more firmly in the programmatic value chain market. As a result, trust will be strengthened between market participants and further advance the professionalization of the entire discipline. A decisive role in the practical relevance of the CoC will be played by the Complaints Committee, who will review reported violations. The label, which will be awarded to signatories of the CoC, is intended to indicate to market partners that the CoC standard has been complied with - another valuable sign of confidence in the market.

Details of the CoC can be found at iab, where you can also download the CoC itself.


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