Tech Safari 2013 in the Silicon Valley

The Webrepublic strives to be on the cutting edge of digital technology and strategy. Just a few weeks ago, we sent out two members of the management to a major digital communication convention in Tampa, Florida. There, topics regarding content strategy as well as SEO were covered.

Tech Safari 2013 in the Silicon Valley

This week, we are on a "Tech Safari" in the Silicon Valley, organized by the University of St. Gallen and Google. On this trip, innovation management will be the focus. We will visit Cisco, Google, IDEO and many other renowned Silicon Valley born and based companies. Expectations are high and we will publish posts throughout the week, reporting about tech trends and insights.

In her keynote, Dr. Homa Bahrami of the University of California, Berkeley, adressed some of the key characteristics of the Silicon Valley spirit:

  • Knowledge Ecosystem: The synergies and the large supportive infrastructure between universities, startups, law firms, researchers, VC companies and incubators create a unique foundation for knowledge sharing.
  • Cross Polynation and Flexible Recycling: Within an ecosystem such as the Silicon Valley, ideas are openly shared and conventional standards are challenged daily. In the spirit of open innovation, Silicon Valley certainly proves that innovation can be created through the interactions between individuals, as opposed to closed environments (e.g. R&D departments). This demonstrates how important an open culture is between and within companies.
  • Superflexibility & Agile Development: Another interesting mindset that you will find in the Silicon Valley is the ability to test new ideas and concepts early and to iterate them quickly. As change is constant (particularly in the digital tech environment), there is a fundamental need to observe and transform by adapting to ever changing and new realities. Building an agile workflow that allows us to act quickly is therefore crucial for innovation.

Webrepublic was founded on similar principles and we embrace this spirit of agile marketing and an open, innovative environment everyday. Therefore, we are pleased to once more be recognized as an innovative force in this field and exchange our ideas regarding this year's big digital trends.

I look forward to continuing this discussion back in Zurich and share this spirit with you.

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