Tech Safari 2013: GeoCommerce on the Rise

During our continuous adventures at the Tech Safari in The Bay Area's very own Silicon Valley, we have gained further insight into the future of our trade. In our last post we talked about Big Data. Urs Hölzle, one of the first Googlers, commented that Big Data is not only key to leading your business to success, but it also shows us how the market develops and it really should be used as a GPS for companies, as it can keep them on track regarding the latest market developments.

Tech Safari 2013: GeoCommerce on the Rise

A further interesting and highly important topic is the developments in GeoCommerce. The thought behind GeoCommerce is, that by understanding the users' digital behavior, companies can leverage that data to target and service them better.

The ultimate goal of GeoCommerce is to

  • convert online traffic into actual store visits
  • engage consumers in the store
  • reduce purchase friction
  • activate customer loyalty
  • retain loyal customers

Regarding developments and the future of Search, Karen Stolberg, Global Search Lead at Google, shared her vision regarding what should happen and what can be expected regarding search in the months to come. One huge topic is search on mobile devices. Google data shows that 3 out of 5 search queries coming from mobile devices have a local reference (e.g. Where can I find xyz; Where is the next xyz). Thus, GeoCommerce and local search queries must play hand-in-hand in order to maximize the potential of both marketing strategies. This presentation by KPCB offers extensive insight regarding the mobile development trends in 2012, which may give a general idea on what we can expect in 2013 (Hint: more and rapid growth in the mobile market!). Underlining the importance of mobile in the future of search, Google has been focusing on changing user behavior. This actually also supports the newest AdFeatures by Google which were introduced last week, the so called "Enhanced Campaigns."

All in all, it is clear that the differentiation between the use of different online devices is lessening. It no longer matters which online device is used, as long as the user goes online! Our focus must be on the "When" and the "What" WHILE the user is online!


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