Tech Safari 2013: A Tale of Exponential Times

As the Silicon Valley Tech Safari continues, we're touching down on some of the key digital trends that add to the current shift affecting all businessess around the globe.

Tech Safari 2013: A Tale of Exponential Times

At the one hand, both Big Data and Cloud Computing have become a global phenomena are definitely here to stay. Digital is an exponential force and, as more companies and users shift their processes online and streamline their operations, there is more data to be stored and analyzed. This transformation challenges all players: Changing user expecations, new sources of insights, and industry benchmarks raise the bar, leaving no space for those slow to adapt. As Curtis Carlson of SRI puts it, "In exponential times, if you improve your performance incrementally, you actually fall behind exponentially." (click to tweet this!)

On the other hand, digital innovations and market disruptions continue: One of the next industries on the brink of disruption is education. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such as the Coursera, Udacity or the Khan Academy are redefining how future students will learn. This will have a substantial impact the global and local education industry.

So the bad news is, there is no easy way around it: Every company is currently being disrupted and all companies need to adapt.

But the good news is: These are great times for innovators and entrepreneurs!


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