Social Media World Forum 2013 - Key Takeaways

Birte Rinas

Life takes place online. People connect on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. sometimes without even knowing each other. It's awesome being in contact with like-minded people, sharing ideas, opinions and inspiration. 

So far so good - but although our business is called Online Marketing and Social Media it's important to get out of this virtual world and meet real people.

A great opportunity for this was the Social Media World Forum (SMWF) in London. I attended the first of two days and was excited by the huge variety of panels, discussions, speeches and on top of that by the stunning location The Brewery. Big brands like Kellogg's, Jack Daniel's, American Express, eBay, Lithium and ASDA shared their wisdom and experiences with social media. The SMWF provided plenty of food for thought. Here are my personal key takeaways which are also adoptable for the Swiss market:

  • If it doesn't work on mobile, go home!
    Ensure that your website is mobile compatible otherwise you'll lose customers.
  • Know what people are saying about you!
    Social media is perfect for spotting issues & avoiding crises.
  • You are a big brand and still looking for the right strategy?
    Go for a global social media strategy and let the single markets add their own flavor.
  • Social is the vehicle for great content. And great content the vehicle for SEO.
  • Telling instead of selling!
    Humanize your brand. Create a story and try to catch the users without being pushy.
  • Brands have to be media companies!
    It doesn't matter what you sell - just don't close your eyes and let others win the laurels. Create appealing and shareable content.
  • In 2014 customer service will take place on social networks.
    Be aware that your clients might expect service via Twitter and Facebook. For example: KLM (royal dutch airline) has a team of 65 people focused on answering social media questions in seven different languages. This saves time and money.

This is just one possibility to attend an online marketing conference and write about it. If this focus on just a few key take-aways and how they can affect your business is not enough, visit the official Website http://www.socialmedia-forum.com/europe/ for the deep dive.