PyConES 2015: outstanding marketing demands high quality software

César Desales

Digital marketing today is a battlefield where creativity and thorough understanding of data are fundamental to success. Webrepublic is more than prepared– its dedicated team of software engineers has extensive experience in creating highly specialized software to automate and optimize processes that lead to more efficient and effective digital marketing.

PyConES 2015: outstanding marketing demands high quality software

PyConES 2015: Grossartiges Marketing braucht hochwertige Software

Webrepublic’s engineering team shares the same ambition in the field of software development: to create premium-level services and systems to support our operations, and to develop these with innovative, proven methodologies. This is what makes Webrepublic great.

The process of building good quality software products can be expensive, and it is an expense in which not many organizations are willing to invest. However, we think that diverting resources away from software quality assurance is rather short-sighted – for us, commitment to producing better software comes as second nature.

But what does this mean? I had the opportunity to speak at the PyConES in Spain in November 2015. My goal was to present how the Webrepublic engineering team ensures our Python code is always at the cutting-edge: by being fully committed to systematic code reviews.

Revisión de código en Python - Cesar Cardenas Desales - Track Básico

Code review is one of the most established software development practices – in essence, it is a proofreading of the programming. Nevertheless, many companies are not fully committed to it, as they think it slows down the speed of development and increases costs. In my speech, I shared lessons learned, best practices and actionable insights, all based on everyday work at Webrepublic, to demonstrate that in the long term systematic code reviews save you time and money.

The positive feedback and follow-up questions from the audience demonstrated that we are definitely on to something: developers from a wide range of companies and universities, in some cases working for multinational organizations, expressed their wish to adopt this process in their teams, and asked for specific advice and arguments to persuade their teams that the benefits of code review clearly exceed the costs.

In my opinion, the best argument for code reviews can be made in practice: a real project will demonstrate its benefits quickly.

How about you? Are you involved in marketing software development? And what is your experience with code reviews? Feel free to share your insights in the comments below!