Programmatic advertising: the future of the industry

Programmatic advertising is on the rise. It now consumes a large proportion of display advertising budgets in the US and UK, and although the strategy is still in its infancy in Germany and Switzerland, it’s growing unstoppably here as well. Our infographic uses the latest facts and figures to explain why programmatic advertising is on the rise.

Programmatic advertising: the future of the industry

Infographic: Programmatic Advertising

A printed version of the infographic on programmatic advertising can be downloaded here:

Infographic Programmatic Advertising (394.63kB)

In the USA in 2015, 63% of display ads were bought programmatically; in the UK, the proportion was 70%. Growth is beginning to plateau at a high level in these countries, but in Germany and Switzerland, it has only just started. In Germany in 2015, approximately 25% of display ads were bought programmatically; however, only vague estimates exist for Switzerland. Nonetheless, it’s clear that an increasing number of Swiss digital campaigns are planned and implemented in this way – including our campaign for SBB.

So what are the advantages of programmatic advertising? A solid programmatic setup enables precise targeting across multiple platforms, particularly when coupled with the use of reliable third-party data. A reliable tracking setup makes it possible to monitor the campaign’s success in real time across all channels and platforms, and to take measures to optimize it within seconds – an option not available for the older-style ads sold at a fixed cost per thousand.

Last but not least, transparent reports can be compiled based on the tracking setup, meaning that advertisers know precisely how their media budget is used and its impact. This of course requires the implementation of clear goals and systematic tracking at the start of a campaign. View our infographic to find out what else a successful programmatic campaign needs, how it works in practice, and the facts and figures a marketer should know.

This infographic shows how programmatic advertising works and how marketers can benefit from it.