Shopping Events 2023

Soon it will be that time again: the leaves are falling from the trees and the prices are dropping at the retailers. This year's shopping events are just around the corner. And they are no longer limited to a specific date. According to Google Insights, bargain hunters are looking for sales and discount promotions throughout the entire period from October to the end of November, not just on Black Friday. This means that companies already have many opportunities to reach prospective buyers with bargain offers. So it's high time to prepare your Google campaigns for the peak shopping season. We reveal the most important tips.

Get Your Campaigns Ready for the Holiday Season:

  • Set up visual campaigns with high quality creatives to stand out and stay relevant (e.g. Performance Max campaigns, Discovery Ads, Video Action campaigns)
  • Verify your measurement setup (incl. enhanced conversions) and make sure your (dynamic) remarketing tags are functioning correctly
  • Work with open budgets and use ROAS targets to leverage sales volume with maximum efficiency
  • Add seasonality adjustments for short-term conversion rate peaks (e.g. Black Friday, Cyber Monday)
  • Keep budgets and communications in line with your last possible delivery date
  • Make sure your web infrastructure can handle the high traffic load during peak demand
  • Ensure your analytics setup (especially Google Analytics 4) is working for year-on-year comparisons and build audience lists to reuse in Q4 next year