With maximum personalization, the CSS fall campaign won gold at the Effie Award Night

Only every two years it's "And the Effie goes to ...": At yesterday's Award Night in Zurich's Kaufleuten, CSS, Notch - Member of Publicis, Hutter Consult and Webrepublic accepted the coveted prize. Only 6 of the 88 cases submitted were awarded the gold statue.


Autumn is the most important time of the year for health insurers: the population has until the end of November to change their basic insurance. In this competitive environment, the aim is to attract as many new customers as possible. In addition, premiums vary from canton to canton.

CSS's gold award-winning project is a personalized, dynamic, innovation-driven and AI-optimized performance campaign and skillfully addresses the above conditions. In real-time, the right message reached the right user at the right time in the right context. This maximum personalization allows a dedicated, individual approach, and thanks to the large number of channels and touchpoints, gives customers the choice of their own customer journey.

Visuals fall campaign CSS 2020

Personalized visuals from CSS's 2020 fall campaign, which won a Gold Effie.

To produce video content, which is a central part of the campaign, quickly and efficiently, the YouTube Director Mix was used as a Swiss premiere. The tool independently generates a large number of videos based on assets and content parameters. After a complete and fully automated setup, it plays them out on YouTube to the relevant users. As a further central instrument, almost 100 dynamic landing pages were used to seamlessly map the individual user journeys and to guide them further into the optimized premium calculator.



  • Approximately 140 million impressions
  • 6.5 million video views and 
  • Over 800,000 clicks
  • 7.6 million unique users reached


CSS, Notch – Member of Publicis, Hutter Consult and Webrepublic won a Gold Effie with this fall campaign, which they received at the Award Night at Kaufleuten. Only 6 of the total of 88 entries received one of these coveted awards.

The Effie Awards Switzerland have been presented in Switzerland every two years since 1985 by LEADING SWISS AGENCIES, the association of leading communications and media agencies. They are considered the national Oscar of the industry and honor the most effective marketing communications in 22 categories.

Photo Effie Award Night Kaufleuten

Impressions from the Effie Award Night on November 10, 2022 at Kaufleuten in Zurich.

The Effie has a special position among the industry's awards and directs the focus on what really counts: Communication effectiveness and its value contribution to corporate success. The Effie is also a platform for exchanging ideas about marketing effectiveness with experts from clients and agencies, market research, science and the media.