Infographic: Everything you need to know about Online Reviews

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Reviews in online shops, on booking platforms and in social media play a prominent role in decision making by consumers. We examined the importance of these reviews in the Swiss market and summarized our findings in an infographic.

Infographic: Everything you need to know about Online Reviews

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Consumers trust online reviews more than recommendations by experts or celebrities. (Link) A professional strategy regarding reviews - not only in online shops, but also on review and booking portals - is an effective way of reaching new clients and of strengthening a brand - in addition to other conventional marketing measures. Positive online reviews provide a boost to sales and have a direct impact on company results. (Link) And by systematically analyzing reviews, marketers are able to gain valuable insights into customer behavior. (Link)

What does this mean for online marketers?

Customers should be able to leave reviews easily and without any complications: when users have to open an account beforehand, they hesitate to take the time to leave a review. This is especially true for mobile users! (Link)

Fake and implausible reviews as well as unanswered criticism prevent clients from purchasing a product. (Link) A timely and flexible approach to reviews is therefore of paramount importance. (Link)

The content of online reviews doesn’t carry the same relevance for every consumer, leading to the rise of personalized reviews. For instance, the review platform TripAdvisor developed a tool named “Just for You”. This tool shows the user search results based on previous inquiries. (Link)

What are the most important review platforms in Switzerland? What form of reviews are the most popular? Which impact do online reviews have on revenue? The infographic from our digital marketing experts answers these questions and more.

Infographic online reviews

Infographic: Webrepublic AG, licensed by BY-NC-ND-4.0