Google: M-Commerce on the rise

Webrepublic AG

Mobile, Social Media and E-Commerce were the seminars attracting the most visitors at the Internet World in London. No surprise that Ian Carrington (Director, Mobile Advertising Sales EMEA at Google) describes the big trends in Mobile as "SoLoCo" (social – local – commerce).

Google forecasts that in 3 years, tablet sales will overtake PC sales and smartphones will be sold 3 times more than PCs.

In order to help businesses to take advantage of this growth, Google launched the getmo initiative in the UK, which should help people to build mobile websites for free. Chris Harris, Head of Strategic Initiative Delivery at Barclaycard, pointed out that expected growth rate of m-commerce is about 55%. For example, eBay forecasts $8bn mobile sales in 2012.

Building or improving their mobile strategy is one of the biggest issues for a lot of enterprises. For Neil Burton, Sales Director at Webspiders Ltd (a mobile application solutions company) 8 main areas should be taken into consideration for a successful mobile strategy:

  • What is the purpose and use of my mobile strategy?
  • Do I need a mobile site, native app or a combination of both?
  • Which smartphone features are relevant for my purpose?
  • Which experience should my interface design create for the user?
  • How do I integrate my mobile strategy in my e-commerce strategy?
  • How should the payment issue be solved?
  • Which marketing channels do I need?
  • And how can I make sure that my business processes are coordinated with my mobile strategy?

The essence of mobile devices is changing. Technological evolutions like augmented reality or mobile wallet are going to revolutionize the way we use our smartphones. According to Chris Harris Apple, MasterCard, Samsung, Vodaphone and o2 are all working on mobile payment solutions. Mobile devices are already connecting us to the online world at anytime and everywhere but their importance will grow even further. In the future, Ian Carrington sees himself leaving home every morning only with his mobile phone, because there will be no need for keys and wallets anymore.