Google Adwords Hyper-Local Mobile Targeting

Mario Colombo

Recently, a mobile advertising agency released a mobile product that targets audiences based on their location. This made me think about the so-called hyperlocal possibilities we have available in Google Adwords, and I found out there are quite a few local nuggets hidden in Adwords.

Google Adwords Hyper-Local Mobile Targeting

AdWords just recently upgraded to Enhanced Campaigns (article in German) which gives us easier control for specific segments, specifically also for people that search or browse within a close distance of one of our brick-and-mortar sales touchpoints (formerly known as shops).

Imagine that you own a coffee shop and want to target users that search for "coffee" on a smartphone. Even if AdWords has already been set up your AdWords account will very likely not trigger an ad for this search because it is too generic to deliver value to your business.

The value of these search queries to a coffee shop however increases dramatically if entered on a smartphone just 500ft away! Now, Google AdWords knows when a user is close to a relevant place. That's hyper-local advertising.

In AdWords, first,  your company's store location(s) should be uploaded. This is best done by using the Google+ Local  Google Places for Business and then connecting the Google Places account with your AdWords account. Now, Google AdWords is aware of your locations and you can even set up AdWords to show your address and phone numbers next to your ad texts (Google Adwords Location Extensions).

Google AdWords Hyper-Local Targeting Segment: Include Smartphone Users within 2 miles of your location!

Google has a range of tools at hands when trying to determine the exact location of a smartphone. They can go for the GPS data that is transmitted during a search. If the smartphones GPS receiver is off, still the GMS base station the cell phone unit is connected to can be identified. If the phone is connected to a Wifi, Google will try to look up the location of the Wifi router in an open database and last but not least it can determine the location of the IP range. The exactness of the hyper-local targeting depends on what location signals are available to Google AdWords.

Now, we equip our AdWords campaigns with the hyper-local targeting (with Enhanced Campaigns we can use a bid modifier to boost just these geo-targets)! It allows for increasing bids or showing ads only when a user is within a short (walking) distance to the brick-and-mortar shop!

Welcome to the World of Hyper-Local Mobile! You can now reach your prospects on the move and direct them into your store.