Digital analytics infographic: Supercharge your marketing

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Gergely Kalmár

Successful companies rely on digital analytics, strategically collecting relevant data in order to systematically analyze and intelligently optimize the performance of their activities. This infographic outlines the four pillars of successful digital analytics. We want to illustrate the measures a company should take to make the most of its analytics activities.

Digital analytics infographic: Supercharge your marketing

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Digital analytics is about more than just KPIs and dashboards; it can be a useful source of valuable recommendations for action at the business level. A study by Econsultancy shows that successful companies – in contrast to their competition – realize this potential by using a holistic marketing concept, making data-based decisions and systematically using data to optimize their marketing activities and identify opportunities.

There are four central pillars your company needs to be aware of in order to take advantage of digital analytics:

  • Strategy: Develop your analytics strategy based on the overarching company strategy. Relying on a “smart” definition of KPIs is key.
  • Infrastructure: Adjust your data infrastructure based on your specific needs and only collect the data that is truly relevant.
  • Monitoring: Maintain a good overview using a dashboard and analyze how the relevant KPIs evolve over time, which allows you to react to unwelcome developments early on.
  • Optimization: Use a data-based approach to optimizing activities. Attribution models help you understand which activities contribute to your goals, and how.

Our infographic sheds light on these four success factors and provides tips on how to implement them – the perfect intro if you want to use digital analytics to take your marketing to the next level. Have fun!

How does successful digital analytics work? We’ve compiled the relevant facts, figures and practical tips on digital analytics into an infographic.

Infographic: Webrepublic AG, licensed by BY-NC-ND-4.0