Breathing New Life Into PPC #SMXLondon

You've inherited a paid search campaign that’s been mostly effective, but over the years has morphed and grown into a somewhat disorganized mess. Now it’s your job to bring it back to life. But how?

Long-running AdWords campaigns sometimes suffer from being set up too narrow, too focused on generating efficient eCommerce sales and just run on good converting keywords and ad texts. The result is a SERP landscape where all the ads look the same. If you only optimize for efficiency, you optimize for a local maximum: the lowest CPO, the cheapest click. But you might be missing a huge opportunity off your beaten track. A sweet spot that has the potential to be a game changer for your PPC account or even your organization.

This presentation suggests a different approach to optimizing your campaign. Instead of just focusing on the pure high performing keywords, let's unleash the creative power of AdWords. By using small creative campaigns you can create cases that will convince internal stakeholders with proven success stories.

We combine AdWords' unique capabilities in terms of Language, Speed and Automatization to go beyond the usual:

  • Expand into new keyword territories and use smart insights from your reports to boost your business.
  • Have fun in real time and leverage AdWord’s advantage to go live fast and get in front of a large, relevant audience.
  • Discover your inner developer and use AdWords scripts to automate both creative and repetitive tasks.

This deck is the annotated version of my presentation at SMX London today.