Agile Strategy Development - White Paper - Webrepublic Strategies

Can Olcer

We are proud to announce that we have published our first white paper. Starting from today you can download our insights into how to develop agile digital strategies here.

Agile Strategy Development -  White Paper - Webrepublic Strategies

Relase early, iterate quickly: developing strategies with rapid prototypes and quick iterations

Since we started the Webrepublic Strategies, the management consulting department of the Webrepublic, we have been working with the Agile Digital Strategy approach. We have transferred the methodologies from agile software development and agile campaign management to digital strategy consulting.

As there is almost no literature about Agile Digital Strategy, Can Olcer, Roger Tschallener and I decided to write a white paper which aims at filling the gap by providing a comprehensive overview, explaining the approach, giving examples and introducing the most important methodologies and tools. It delivers insights for executives and digital strategy managers of small to big companies, but also for online marketers and marketing agencies who want to dig deeper into the digital strategy world.

Read the executive summary and download the complete paper here:

Agile_Digital_Strategy_Development_Webrepublic_Strategies [en] (1.08MB)

We hope this paper is of value to you and guides you on your path to a more agile digital strategy. 
And let us know if you liked the paper by dropping us an email or tweet.