Agile Digital Strategy Manifesto

Can Olcer

At Webrepublic Strategies, we use a method called Agile Digital Strategy Development. It helps structuring our work and collaboration with our clients in an agile fashion: We work in short feedback loops (sprints), release minimum viable projects (MVP), and iterate projects and products as we go, better fitting our clients' and their customers' needs.

Agile Digital Strategy Manifesto

As a guideline, we've summarized our six most important principles in the Agile Digital Strategy Manifesto. Without further ado, let's dive into it:

1. Doing over planning

We don't like week-long planning phases, where you create 100 slides on how to launch a small project or venture and in the end spend time optimizing the last 1% of it like changing colors of fonts. Even though a short planning phase is always required, we quickly come to the execution phase. This means, we launch an MVP test it with real users, receive and analyze the data, work the insights back in to the project and relaunch it.

2. Iterations over one-shot revolutions

By releasing early and often, we also avoid the chance of one-shot revolutions but employ a continuous circle of incremental improvements, which gradually includes user feedback and oscillates closer and closer to what your customers really want.

3. Validated learning over opinions

It's helpful to have hypotheses in the beginning, but it's even better to validate them quickly, learn, and carry on. We love sanity-checking our hypothesis against real data!

4. Collaboration over documentation

We value close contact with our clients over stacks of slide-decks. By creating a unique and intimate working relationship, we generate the best ideas and communicate highly efficiently with our clients.

5. T-shaped talent development over specialization

In today's digital world, specialization can be deadly. We always strive to have a broad set of knowledge of relevant areas, while acquiring and building deeper knowledge in different specialized topics. We all know how to develop websites, communicate online, build business models and be awesome. Some know more there, some more here.

6. Simplicity over complexity

Almost as an overarching principle over the first five, we always strive for simplicity over complexity. We break down complex problems to simple approaches and solutions. Why make it hard when we can achieve better results with lean and clean simplicity?

To learn more about Webrepublic Strategies and the Agile Digital Strategy Development approach, download our White Paper:

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