Advanced dynamic banners: activate your target audience with success.

Showing users relevant content – precisely and dynamically. Advanced dynamic banners enable digital marketers to catch the target audience’s attention and can be applied to a wide range of situations for campaign success. Volkswagen, for example, significantly reduced the time and effort involved in the development of creative campaigns with advanced dynamic banners and achieved a CTR 80% above the industry benchmarks through effective targeting. We take a look at the technology behind it.

Advanced dynamic banners: activate your target audience with success.

Blogpost: Advanced Dynamic Banner

The success of dynamic banners shows how the technology pays off for digital marketers. Weight Watchers increased the number of new customers by 56% and Peugeot Turkey reduced the cost per lead by 15% per month through the use of dynamic banners. These banners are classified as basic dynamic banners with one creative version for all target groups. Marketers can go a step further and take advantage of advanced dynamic banners that enable content to be specifically adapted and controlled according to the target groups.

For example, we created advanced dynamic banners for Homegate that delivers current, automatically updated mortgage interest rate information to website visitors. Our software engineering team programmed a script (DoubleClick Feed Updater) that automatically sends relevant data on the latest interest rates to DoubleClick on an hourly basis and constantly updates the banners. This ensures the banners remain relevant for the target group and minimizes the time spent on creation of the banners.

These cases and others show how marketers can use advanced dynamic banners to successfully activate the relevant target groups with the right message every time. By linking banners to location, time and other data, messages can be easily adapted to the context of the target group. This is particularly effective with large and complex campaigns when the advanced dynamic banners come in to their own, making the comparatively high set-up costs worthwhile.

How advanced dynamic creatives works

The technology behind dynamic creatives (DC) is powered by DoubleClick Rich Media. As shown above, DoubleClick distinguishes between basic and advanced dynamic creatives: basic dynamic creatives give marketers the flexibility to change the creative content without having to update and retraffic the data. The creatives are not delivered to specific target groups.

Advanced dynamic banners work differently: selected banner content is adapted precisely and automatically for each relevant target audience. This can be achieved with a single banner, which can be automatically adapted to the user based on clearly defined targeting rules and guidelines. Specific elements of the advertising material can be adapted, including call-to-actions, copy and exit URLs. Advanced dynamic creatives also enable the integration of external, changing data, such as stock quotes, weather information and interest rates, from spreadsheets to the banner content via dynamic feeds. This enables advanced dynamic creatives to be more relevant and activate the target group even more successfully.

Advanced dynamic banners’ highly efficient technology also provides marketers with the opportunity to test various advertising media, texts or images in real time. A/B testing helps marketers decide whether the DoubleClick system should automatically determine and prioritize the best performing advertising medium version and ultimately make better decisions. If these banners are controlled programmatically, brands can also benefit from good quality placement, cross-platform reach and high transparency.

Next steps

The potential of advanced dynamic banners is far from exhausted. They present many exciting possibilities for e-commerce platforms: a user interested in new shoes, for example, can be shown banners that communicate latest prices, discounts and available shoe sizes. Or as temperatures drop to 12 degrees in Switzerland, an attractive airline banner can present a persuasive argument to users to book a flight to sunny Cuba.

Advanced Dynamic Banner

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