For a website relaunch to succeed, it's necessary to ask the right questions with regard to SEOdigital analytics and user experience: What do I need to do to maintain or increase my website’s Google ranking? How can I ensure that my web analytics data on the relaunch remain consistent? How will the website work on the user's end? Discuss these issues with an expert partner who knows from experience how various factors contribute to a successful relaunch.

Approach your target groups successfully with a new website.

You can count on us for comprehensive advice


  • We design your new website together with you by conducting workshops and audits to identify your requirements in terms of content, functionality and web analytics.
  • We help you evaluate content management systems and find the right web agency. Since we do not develop websites ourselves, you can count on us to be impartial and professional.
  • We accompany and support you in the planning and management of your project.


  • We prepare technical briefs with a focus on SEO measures and the analytics setup.
  • We prepare briefs to optimize the user experience (UX) on the new website and review its implementation.
  • We support you throughout the relaunch process and answer all relevant questions.


  • We evaluate and test the new website and draw up proposals for further optimization.
  • We advise you on what steps you can take to steer traffic to your website and how new traffic can be generated through relevant digital marketing campaigns.
  • We support you in the continual optimization of your website in the post-launch phase and can conduct A/B tests, SEO ranking monitoring and further optimization measures.

Webrepublic is the ideal partner for your website relaunch. Our experts with backgrounds in the fields of Digital Marketing consulting, UX, SEO and digital analytics collaborate closely to provide comprehensive advice and to ensure your website relaunch is a complete success.