Digital marketing thrives on creative, data-driven ideas and solid implementation. This applies to stories and design as much as to the underlying technology.

More efficiency and transparency for your digital marketing. We develop your digital marketing data.

Our approach

We want to make all processes as efficient as possible, which is why our marketing and programming staff share a building. Whether it's customized reporting solutions, automated campaigns, API solutions for online shops or internal tools, the innovations generated by our software engineers reflect our philosophy: digital marketing is an interdisciplinary craft. Automation doesn't replace Google Ads specialists – it simplifies and complements their work. This means that they optimize your digital marketing using custom tools and the technology, strategy and creative implementation comes from a single source.

Our services

  • flexReports – flexReports is a highly flexible business intelligence platform that we adapt to fit your requirements and challenges. flexReports can bring together data from different sources, keep it up-to-date and visualize the needs of different stakeholders; our data intelligence team helps you put your data in a business-relevant context, giving you a solid foundation for efficient internal communication, strategic decisions and the tactical optimization of digital marketing measures. Big data therefore becomes smart data.
  • campaignRadar – With our campaignRadar, we continuously monitor the quality of your Google Ads campaign. The primary focus is to review URLs for common problems, allowing us to quickly and reliably identify server errors, search result pages without search hits or defective redirect loops. Our algorithms identify errors that slip past conventional monitoring tools. Your Google Ads accounts can be started manually or automatically at defined intervals. The results of an analysis are sent to the relevant team by e-mail, so that quality problems can be handled quickly.
  • adFeeder – The adFeeder allows you to use Google Ads to market a product portfolio that is too extensive for a manually managed campaign. Based on a product data feed from your ERP system, adFeeder generates ad texts for your Google Ads campaign. As soon as a product is sold out, ads for the corresponding keywords are paused. The keywords are then automatically reactivated when the product becomes available again. adFeeder can also use Google Ads Conversion Tracking to optimize the ROI of your campaign. adFeeder is successfully used by e-commerce, retail and travel companies, and many others.
  • Highly specific solutions – In addition to standardized products, our engineering department also creates highly specific ones – solutions tailored to the needs of your digital marketing campaign. Examples:
    • For one customer with an extensive web presence, we developed a solution that evaluates server log files. We use this information to enrich JavaScript-based web tracking reports with information on digital publication downloads.
    • For a customer who uses a bid-management service for Google Ads, we developed an application that uses profitability data from the ERP system to make the automated bidding process more precise.