Yandex is the first choice among search engines for over 60% of the 85 million internet users in Russia. In order to efficiently market products and services online in Russia, the most important search engine in the country cannot be ignored, especially in the luxury goods and travel industries. Just like Google, Yandex has developed smart marketing tools that generate economic value at a rapid pace: Yandex.Direct is similar to Google AdWords, while BaYan allows you to place banner ads on Yandex.

Successfully promote your brand with us in Russia. Use integrated campaigns to achieve a combined reach of over 90% in the Russian search and context ads market.

Our approach

Together, we ensure that you make the most efficient use of the internet in Russia to effectively communicate with your target groups, generate leads and conduct business. Our approach has proven successful in other markets since 2009, and we apply this to Russia in the same way. Our SEM and display specialists in Zurich speak Russian as their native language and are familiar with the semantic idiosyncrasies of your target market. They also understand the unique characteristics of the Russian online market, and are in a constant exchange with Yandex regarding Yandex' technical developments, enabling them to take advantage of the tools that generate the most value for your business on Russia's most important search engine. 

To increase your reach in the Russian speaking Online Market, our certified Yandex experts work alongside our Google AdWords and Display Network experts. This integrated approach to your campaign enables you to achieve an accumulated reach of over 90% of the Russian search and contextual ads market.

Our track record speaks for itself: satisfied clients and official Yandex certificates.

Our services

  • Comprehensive advice - To ensure success, we offer the same wide range of services for the Russian online market as we do for Google AdWords. We take care of creation, optimization, tracking and reporting, generate business intelligence and use self-developed automation solutions. Learn more about our services here.

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