Yahoo! Japan is the first choice among search engines for 33% of the country's 115 million internet users. Approximately 66% use Google for their online search queries. Both platforms offer performance-based advertising formats through which to reach your target audience: AdWords for Google, Promotional Ads for Yahoo! Japan. The platform you choose depends on the user behavior and demographic profile of your target group. We know how to leverage these differences and where to most effectively reach your audience, thereby increasing revenue.

You want to market your products in Japan? Our Japan experts know how to increase the effectiveness of your search engine marketing in Japan.

Our approach

When it comes to search engine marketing in Japan, we rely on the approach that has served us well in various international markets since 2009. Our teams of international native-speaking experts speak the language of the target market, have an in-depth understanding of Japanese consumer behavior and possess all key technical skills. They are also highly adept at deriving recommendations for action from hard performance data, enabling us to take your digital success to the next level.

In specific terms, this means that our Japanese market experts optimize your digital marketing campaigns in all three components of the Japanese writing system while keeping the nuances of each in mind. Language use, vocabulary and semantic content all vary according to the script used, meaning that the search behavior of your target groups changes too.

To multiply the effect of your campaigns in the Japanese market, we work in close collaboration with local search engines Yahoo! Japan and This ensures that we always have inside knowledge on all the latest search engine developments. We then use this knowledge to your advantage.

Furthermore, our experts are highly experienced in how to operate successfully in Japanese B2B and B2C markets. We can harness the potential of different markets and use the tools provided by Google and Yahoo! Japan with maximum effect. Together, we communicate with your target group effectively and generate added economic value.

Our services

  • Comprehensive advice – We provide all-inclusive services to ensure your success in the Japanese online market: we create, optimize, track and compile reports for your or Yahoo! Japan digital marketing campaigns and generate business intelligence in close collaboration with our analytics and SEO experts.
  • Target market Japan – We also provide detailed advice on how to develop and implement your digital marketing strategies for your Japanese target audience. This includes guidance on how to utilize the special advertising formats and extra features of both Yahoo! Japan and, as well as how to implement specific targeting measures. Taking advantage of these digital marketing services enables you to increase awareness of your brand and audience reach in Japan.

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