South Korea is one of the most highly developed digital societies in the world – over 90% of the population is online, and 73% access the internet via mobile devices. Naver, a search engine developed in South Korea, dominates the nation's complex digital market, with a market share of 85% for all online search queries. Approximately 40 million active users generate over 5.8 billion mobile clicks and 4 billion desktop clicks per month. In short, Naver is the most effective digital advertising platform in South Korea.

As with Google, Naver provides performance-based advertising formats. In addition to conventional formats, Naver features ads designed specifically for a mobile target audience. Premium brands increase brand awareness using Naver Brand Search, which offers an array of multimedia features. Display ads are another option for increasing audience coverage.

Naver is the most effective digital advertising platform in South Korea. Boost your brand awareness and reach this target market with our Naver experts.

Our approach

We work with you to optimize your search engine marketing campaigns. Our Naver specialists are native Korean speakers and as such, the semantic characteristics of your target market are second nature. Our language skills and immersion in the culture mean that we understand the search behavior and decision-making processes of the local population, and can adapt and refine your ads accordingly.

We are in regular contact with Naver, attend training seminars both at home and abroad, and make sure to keep up to date with the latest technical developments implemented at Naver and amendments to its regulatory framework conditions.

We support our knowledge of the market with hard data to devise a search engine marketing strategy that increases awareness of your brand and audience reach in South Korea.

Our services

  • Comprehensive advice – As with our all-inclusive Google AdWords services, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your success in the online market in South Korea. We devise, optimize and systematically monitor your search engine marketing campaigns, generate business intelligence and issue the results in easily digestible reports.
  • Customized strategies – We also provide you with key advice on the development and implementation of customized search engine marketing strategies for the Korean market. This includes guidance regarding advertising formats specific to Naver and an explanation of the technical and regulatory framework conditions that govern the search engine.