Microsoft’s search engine Bing has a worldwide market share of 10% and processes around 12 billion search queries a month. A look at the English-speaking market shows that the market share is as high as 19% in the UK and 34% in the USA. The search engine is also on the rise in Switzerland, with a market share of 12%. By advertising on Bing, you can reach a steadily increasing user base and boost the visibility of your products and services. The spread of Windows in the professional world also makes advertising on Bing a particularly attractive option for B2B advertisers. By using a variety of advertising methods, including text, shopping and display ads, you can exploit your hitherto untapped potential and increase the reach of your online marketing activities.


Our services

  • Consulting – We offer tailored consulting for your Bing Ads search engine strategy in order to maximize your business success.
  • Creation & optimization – We handle the creation of your ads and the optimization of your campaigns, always keeping your campaign goals in mind.
  • Tracking – We advise you on implementing tailored tracking solutions to measure the impact of your Bing Ads campaigns in terms of your targets.
  • Reports and analysis – We produce regular reports summarizing the progress of your Bing Ads campaigns and where there is potential for optimization.