Baidu is the most-used search engine in China. It processes over 80% of all mobile and 60% of all desktop search queries in China. To build up your market position in China, search engine marketing with Baidu is essential. Baidu offers performance-based advertising formats developed in-house in the form of its Tuiguang pay-per-click service. These formats have several distinct advantages, namely specific features and extensions enabling you to increase the visibility of your ads and raise brand awareness among your target groups.

We know which advertisements most resonate with your target audience in China, and are committed to your international digital marketing success.

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Our approach

When it comes to ensuring your success in digital marketing in China, we truly go the extra mile. Our international search engine advertising team consists of experts that speak Chinese as their native language and have extensive experience in using unique business-relevant aspects of the local search engine and e -commerce market to their advantage.

We know which ads will have the greatest effect on your target group. To ensure that your products are tailored to Chinese habits and conventions, we guide you through the set-up phase and show you how to manage your Brand Zone accounts as effectively as possible. This is an exclusive advertising measure that enables brands to reach an extremely broad audience and secure a top placing on search result pages by means of multimedia ads and extensions.

Baidu also offers special options for organic searches, thereby generating additional brand awareness and traffic. Baidu operates over 60 popular search and community service channels and platforms, including Baidu Baike (encyclopedia), Baidu Zhidao (Q&A platform) Baidu Tieba (forum) and Qunar (travel agency). Content from these platforms competes with regular organic search results on Baidu's search results pages. If, however, your content is listed on these Baidu platforms, this will increase your organic ranking accordingly. We will help you to work with Baidu and set up your content on these relevant platforms.

We are also well-versed in the latest technological developments, up-and-coming marketing channels such as WeChat, and 360° marketing techniques. We pursue an interdisciplinary approach for maximum effect. Working in close collaboration with our analytics and SEO specialists, we devise an action plan to optimize the impact of your digital marketing campaigns by combining findings based on hard data with maximum creativity.

Our services

  • Comprehensive advice – As with our all-inclusive Google AdWords services, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your success in the Chinese online market. We set-up and optimize your campaigns, create display text and take care of all tracking and reporting activities. Not only that, but we analyze your campaigns and generate business intelligence.
  • Extra services – We also offer extra Baidu services in the fields of SEA and SEO. We provide comprehensive advice regarding how to optimize your campaigns with extensions and how to manage your Baidu Brand Zone. We provide you with key support when working with Baidu channels and platforms. What's more, we know Chinese trademark law inside out.
  • Cross-platform – ​Finally, our Baidu experts are just as comfortable with the Yahoo! and Bing search engines. The importance of this cannot be understated for the key markets of Hong Kong and Taiwan. On request, we can optimize your digital marketing campaigns for launch across multiple platforms.

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