The Google Display Network (GDN) and YouTube offer immense room for maneuver in terms of graphics, animation and interaction design. The smart and surprising presentation of your brand message leaves a lasting impression on your target group. Present your brand with images, animations, YouTube films and streams, interactive games or Google+ posts. These measures allow your target group to interactively experience your brand.

We design and create banners, images and videos for the perfect staging of your brand on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Co.

Our approach

We help you present your brand effectively on the GDN and YouTube. We count on experienced creative types from the fields of graphics and animation design – they also have the technical expertise to implement sophisticated concepts cleanly and on-time. We know from experience that flawless technical execution is just as important as a clever idea. Through effective targeting, our display specialists ensure that your banner reaches the right target group in the right place at the right time.

Our services

  • We develop multimedia banners that breathe life into the static elements of your existing campaign.
  • We adapt the material in existing campaigns to ensure that it can be placed on the GDN and YouTube.
  • We make sure that your desired banner is technically flawless and displayed on the GDN and YouTube at the right time.
  • We program minigames that allow users to experience the characteristics of your products in an entertaining, interactive way.