With more than 300 million active users, Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers in the world. Users increasingly begin and end their product search directly on Amazon. Take a proactive role in shaping your Amazon presence and watch sales grow with the help of a professional strategy. We work with you to develop an Amazon advertising approach that is tailored to your product portfolio and enhance your products’ visibility through targeted paid advertising and SEO measures, allowing you to successfully market your products.



  • The number of Amazon users in Switzerland is rising – Amazon is the third largest online shop in Switzerland – and growing.
  • Amazon is many users’ first stop – More than 50% of consumers in the US, UK, Germany and France begin their search directly on Amazon.
  • Potential to reach new target group segments – Coming up with an Amazon advertising strategy early on is key to drawing in potential customers.
  • High customer loyalty – Amazon customers are extremely loyal: the typical Amazon user makes 41 orders annually, while Prime members make over 60.
  • Enhance visibility – Targeted Amazon advertising is essential to ensuring visibility on a channel with more than 350 million products.


  • Strategy consulting – Amazon offers a range of advertising options for increasing the findability and visibility of your products. We work closely with you to develop an Amazon advertising strategy that is tailored to your portfolio of products and designed to meet your specific performance goals.
  • Content optimization & Amazon SEO – The majority of purchases on Amazon are of products that rank on the first two pages of Amazon’s search results list. Ranking depends on having relevant, well-structured content. We use Amazon optimization to increase your organic visibility and performance in a targeted matter.
  • Amazon SEA – With pay-per-click advertising we can take your products to the top position. Our expertly positioned ads offer your products more visibility and boost conversions. Sales achieved by the paid channel also have a positive impact on organically driven sales.
  • Amazon Display and Video Ads – Amazon DSP is Amazon's equivalent of programmatic advertising. Vendors and service providers can activate display advertising in a relevant advertising environment and draw on Amazon’s valuable data. Thanks to our extensive experience with programmatic advertising, we are the ideal partner to help you increase the efficiency of your advertising activities on the Amazon DSP.